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Make these ketogenic Indian recipes and no-one will believe you’re on a diet! Chicken tikka masala, vegetable korma – we’ve got your low carb needs covered!

I’ve put together a very low-carbohydrate Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet for loss of excess weight. Why ketogenic? Your body gets its energy from either fats, or carbohydrates like glucose and glycogen.

Ketosis Constipation 11 Signs of Ketosis. Here are 11 signs of ketosis. You can use these keto symptoms as a gauge to see if you’re in ketosis. Some of these can be thought of as ketosis side effects. Ketosis is when your body has less carbohydrates. It breaks down fats and produces acids called ketones. Read on

Can you re-write this article by not copying from American food websites?? Please, write about genuine, indian keto. From food products naturally available in India.

Keto diet food pyramid. Discover foods your should eat and avoid on a ketogenic diet.

"The ketogenic diet severely limits carbohydrate to force the body to burn fat. However, carbohydrates are limited so much on this diet that veggies and fruit are.

Plant Based Ketogenic Diet for Cancer. Cancer is not going away any time soon. With that said, as people begin to take charge of their health, they are more hesitant to pursue traditional cancer therapies.

Drs Jay Shubrook and Rucha Mehta discuss the use of a ketogenic-like diet for patients with type 2 diabetes.